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First Principles of Agriculture

I am SO excited to share the latest addition to our home library:  Goff & Mayne’s First Principles of Agriculture ©1904.  That’s right – 1904!  And it’s all mine to enjoy, thanks to my friend Ali Koide over at Oldies … Continue reading

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Carrot Cupcakes

I have to say, I’m not usually a big fan of cake.  But I do have my exceptions and carrot cake is one of them!  I’m not sure whether it’s the extra moist cake, the added texture of the shredded … Continue reading

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Parmesan Chicken – My Husband’s Favorite Meal

Occasionally, I like to try to surprise Chris with dinner.  Half the time I’m making something totally new, and the other half I’m re-creating some of his favorite dishes.  This chicken dish has always been one of Chris’ favorite meals.  … Continue reading

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Agave Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m a dough and batter addict.  I think I have always been one.  I blame genetics.  Yes, it’s genetics that gives me these unstable hands, which “accidentally” drop spoonfuls of batter on the counter that I must then eat.  Or … Continue reading

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Perfectly Roasted Chicken

Roast chicken is a weekly staple in our home.  Not only is it a great meal along with a mixed green salad, but it’s truly a meal that keeps on giving.  Roasted chicken with greens one night; chicken risotto, tortilla … Continue reading

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